Twee maanden nadat Conor McGregor de ‘fight of the century’ van Floyd Mayweather verloor, heeft Conor ‘Money’ uitgedaagd voor een rematch. Maar dit keer niet volgens boks- maar MMA-regels!

Tijdens een interview gaf McGregor aan dat hij in een boks-rematch deze keer zou kunnen winnen, maar dat Mayweather al eerder had beloofd dat hj een gevecht volgens mixed martial arts-regels zou aangaan.

McGRegor zei: “What sickens me is that the little mother fucker is retired now. If I had another go with him, under boxing rules, I’d get that win. He had to change his whole approach. With those lessons I learned, with another go around, I’d get it. He’s 50-0 and getting on, I’m not calling him out. I’ll sit back. We’ll see how he gets on with this round of money. Maybe I’ll get another call. Originally he was saying an MMA bout next. That’s what he said before the fight.”

“He did say an MMA fight. So if he wants to, lets fucking do it. There’s not a hope in hell… I’d like to see him come over to our side and have a knock. I earned their respect and put myself out there. Style over to my side and earn our respect now.”