Dat er in Zweden veel mooie dames wonen zal geen geheim voor je zijn, zeker wanneer je een voorkeur hebt voor blond. Maar wat zijn dan de 10 mooiste vrouwen van Zweden (volgens FHM)? Nou, dit dus! Wie zet jij op 1?

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Dit zijn de 10 mooiste vrouwen van Zweden, in willekeurige volgorde:

Anna Nyström

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Alexandra Bring

Kenza Zouiten

Going back to LA (and Coachella!) next month. Too excited!!!!

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Victoria Törnegren

Wish you all a happy day

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Hello sun, I love you!

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Angelica Blick

Silky dress, sunkissed skin and a hungry stomach waiting for food

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Jelly Devote

Okay. So let’s be honest you guys. It is a struggle. It is such a struggle to try to stay fit during this travel. I’m far from the best shape I’ve been both on inside and outside. . I’m all for enjoying life, having treats and doing all that. But today I feel like I really miss the “routines”. We are traveling hours daily on buss, moving hotels, early mornings, late nights, no healthy food options (thank god for my freaking @womensbest protein shakes ) lack of energy, lots of drinking and partying and so on. . Don’t get me wrong. I do workout and I do try. But I’m loosing myself in this bubble a little and I need to try more! ‍♀‍♀ . I’m not trying to be a debbi downer, but routines is something I do miss atm! . It’s three weeks till we get to see our fam in Phuket, and I’m making a good effort from today to stay away from alcohol first off all. Secondly get at least 5 workouts in a week that’s good. And third just make healthy food options when possible and increase my water intake!! ✌ . Will you accept this challenge with me?! HELP ME TO HELP YOU!! We can do this!! . #womensbest

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Fanny Lyckman

Josefine Forsberg

⏳Time is priceless. Use it well @paul_hewitt #sponsored #paul_hewitt #getAnchored

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Kristina Bazan

It’s coming. Photography @elisaparron

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Elsa Hosk

Happy V-day from @victoriassecret

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