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Ze heeft attitude, flow en dropt dikke punchlines. Deze vrouw uit de hood weet wel hoe je een verse moet spitten. Watch out Nicki. Here comes Big Momma!

Wil je mee rappen? Hier is de tekst:

I want grade A beef, so I can sport it
Don’t want no brotha with a shortage
If you small than I’m bitchin,
Tellin you, you a little short a few inches
See I ain’t got time for no tic tac,
See a girly like me needs a Big Mac,
You know I gotta be good to my Kit Katt
So you small time brothas I ain’t wit that

Don’t bring it to me if it’s little,
Cus I’ve gotta have something in the middle,
Make me squirm baby, make me wiggle,
I wanna scream boy not giggle
I want something that I can feel when it’s in me,
Don’t want no stuff that’s skinny
Make my stomach real full, like a muscle den pulled,
Like a bitch been eatin at Wendy’s

Let me see if you can hit that spot boy
Can you make it go crackle and pop boy?

So tell me are you packin or not boy?
Cis if you ain’t than see ya,
and the next man wouldn’t wanna be ya
Cus when you hit this clit,
You better come legit and make a bitch say mamma mia

Make me scream like hell, make me back up
But to do that you got to pack up
Make me moan and groan when you swing that bone
Like a car have my leg all jacked up

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